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Memories of collecting rare items

The probability of collecting pink tails:

15/256 x 4/256 ≈ 0.0916%
0.0916% = about 1/1092

I think it is about 1/256 when it is an ordinary RPG if Final Fantasy IV is to be believed (source)

Final Fantasy IV is easier if you collect alarms beforehand if the crystal ring or glass mask or the like is more kitsu pink tail.

Iron balls destroying DQ 6 can be obtained at casinos besides obtaining from Evil Franken, but honesty is more torturous. I wonder which iron ball was destroyed with torture of which one? I do not remember that long ago.

I'm gathering rare items for Wizardry Gaiden 2 now. The acquisition judgment is complicated, but the pleasure when it was judged and it was a rare thing is exceptional.

I casually dive when I have a little time.

Rare item too difficult to obtain in Grandda Extreme

Top 3:

  1. Dragon Wand
  2. Princess Dress
  3. White Swimwear

  • Saga: 27th Sword
  • Roma 2: Cats Eye, Autoclere, Destroyer, Spector Sword, Feather Boots, Gayborg
  • Roma 3: Smauge, Demonic Sword, Reinforced Armour, Watercolour Shield, Tiny Feather, Charging Claw
  • Minensaga maristrictik, Kelendorouzu, Sword and armor of Ryuusuke, Hydra leather , Fratial , LV 5 map and treasure

It is not Ansaga Drop, but it is hard to get out of a ring or a circle and then a book on a foreign road.

There is nothing inside this thing that I had irritated just writing what I came up with (without circumstantial reproduction etc.). There is not even one of these in baths 1 and 2

The claws of hell in DQ 4 were harsh. I tried searching for the last castle for months, but I did not find it after all.

The guy who entered the Grand Dragon X's Dragon Wand is a petition. Acquisition probability is 1/10000

FC Version DQ 3 When I was doing I got a "polish ken" from the Bostrol who is turning into a king in Samantha. It was very strong.

That long ago, I tried to return to the previous savepoint without using telepo that did not make Apoca's savepoint that I accidentally got Tinker Bell of FF 5, and in Omega Contact.

Breath of Fire's slicer button while pushing map stepping hirota. (It 's behind the tower!).

SO3's "Celebration" 1000 memorial trophy was also terrible. It took 90 hours.

I used 2 days to catch Lv 95 ninja throwing at the bottom of FFT Masamune Hidden Dungeon.

World of fun madman

To acquire the Madman sword you need to get the item called the map of treasure of level 5.

1, make the numerical value of battle point not displayed on the screen 2304 perfect.
→ Only at this time it is possible to obtain a level 5 map. Once winning a battle once more the battle point will loop and become a random value.
→ Combat 333 times from the occurrence of a specific event (valid only once for the first time) or confirm with "Open key" for each battle. It must take 0 to 256 times.

In the state of 2,2304 points, you defeat the enemies of a certain strength or higher to obtain a level 5 map
→ The map of treasure drops with 1% probability when the enemy does not drop the item.  
(By the way even the most suitable enemies will drop the item with a probability of 20 to 30%.) The probability that the   map is level 5 is 10%, and the probability that it is available for the crazy sword is 30%.


From the above, the probability of   winning map acquisition with simple calculation is - (0, 7 to 0, 8) × 0, 01 × 0, 1 × 0, 3 × 100 = 0,021 to 0,024%.

3, I will excavate. The probability that out of the madman sword is 1 / 2430-1 / 675.

It's painful to have to reset every battle like a crazy sword. There is nothing growing in characters, and the loading time is useless, so it seems that a burden will be placed on the main body.